Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The fire

The burning desire in the embrace of fire!

Recently when I was in Kolkata, I witnesed this fire near Howrah Bridge.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nature's painting

The rain of rays

Firm and strong

When hills dance and skies sing

Art of history - 3


Angle of beautification

An old modern art

The dream of an artist

When reflection meets shadow

The temple

Standing since a thousand years!

The top

Some one's deliberated effort some 1300 years back still speaks the saga.

Art of history - 2

The art of history


Brahma - the deity

Carved beauty

A 1300 years old architecture - 2

A 1300 years old architecture - 1


Jump, Catch I can whisk
Look, rest, I can remain transfixed.



I died and I made you die with me.


Like no beginning, I have no end
A beauty to few, puzzle to many, with time I stand.

I am the conquerer

Standing still, erect and hight
I am the conquerer, giving my last sigh.